Hala 2014


Hala Layali Febrayer 2014

Produced by Al Raisi Group

Set design by Marcos Viñals Bassols

Content design by Prismax

Kuwait City, 2014

Marcos has designed the sets for various editions of the Hala Layali Febrayer Festival, a major annual musical event in Kuwait, broadcasted in the Middle East.

The design of the 2014 edition was based on Art-Deco shapes and patterns, and diamond shapes, revamped with an oriental content.Those simple Art-Deco elements were symmetrically combined and duplicated to create more complex forms, used to design the LED screens, the trussing structures, the stage elements as chandeliers, backgrounds, and decoration elements. The result was a cutting-edge interpretation of the old, providing a fresh and unique identity for the 2014 edition of the Hala Layaly Febrayer show.