Hala 2016


Produced by Al Raisi Group
Set design by
 Marcos Viñals Bassols

Kuwait City, 2016


The concept is based on a declination of the hexagon, a geometrical shape that can be found in nature, as in a freezing drop of water. It is also one of the geometrical shapes that is at the base of magnificent islamic ornemental art.

This basic hexagonal shape is used in different ways to create this year’s set design for Hala Layali Febrayer.

On the podium, the hexagon is divided into triangular lines : one from frontstage to backstage, and two opposite obliques at 120°.

The whole design is articulated around those three axis. The podium steps will be lit with led strips, and there will be a set of video tubes integrated on the floor.

The background is made of a series of overlapping hexagons, outlined with led light boxes. There are two sizes of overlappaed hexagons that are connected together to create a complex shape. Some of them are filled with led panels.

The technical ceiling is based on hexagonal chandelier shapes made of standard trusses, covered with led panels, and used as support for the lighting fixtures.