Hala 2015


Produced by Al Raisi Group
Set design by
 Marcos Viñals Bassols

Kuwait City, 2015

The 2015 edition of the famous Hala Layali Febrayer Music and Poetry festival in Kuwait, one of the biggest musical events in the Middle-East, is based on a custom made set design made out of a combination of seven vertical triangles made of trusses holding led video panels and lighting equipment.
The stage is also made of triangle-based shapes set at different heights, to create a dynamic set of levels for the musicians, and enhanced by triangular-shaped versatubes.
There are 4 main zones for the musicians, two at the back, and two at the front, left and right. At the center back, there is an entrance for the guest star.
The triangles lines are designed to overlap their lines, offering several combinations depending on the viewer and the camera points.
The side backdrops are enhanced by a set of RGB led spheres, adding an extra layer of depth to this interesting set.