directed by
Dirk Decloedt

produced by

set design by
Marcos Viñals Bassols

SPE and Anno’02 organized for the city of Kortrijk the 700th celebration of the Battle of the Golden Spurs. Main briefing massage was ‘no knights!’ as every year we would see a historical show to celebrate this moment.

Together with Artistic Director Dirk Decloedt, a story was written that symbolically told the story of the social situation at the time. It became a historical evocation with an almost ‘biblical’ storyline that would emotionally touch over 12.000 spectators surrounding the Groeningebrug in the city center.
The story would show a mythical golden object appearing to a pure and noble people, the object would corrupt them, create bad forces, wealth, power, industry, domination… until, inspirational muses appeared and create the creative, artists, performers, scientists… that would step-by-step change the look of the world to return the perverted people back to a noble, liberated people.